Freetown, Sierra Leone – The Gondobay Manga Foundation (TGMF) has announced the initial funding of an innovative goat farming project in Sierra Leone with a donation by Luster Products, Inc. for operations in the first village.

“This initial funding will allow our goat farming project to commence in one village at a time,” said TGMF Founder and President Isaiah Washington. “Eventually, this food creation and economic stability program will grow one village at a time to other provinces then other regions and ultimately to the entire country of Sierra Leone.”

Mr. Washington said the “Gondobay’s Goat Farms” will allow for family self-sufficiency through the production of meat, milk and cheese products. Moreover, the expansion of production, processing and marketing of these goat-derived products will create jobs for the residents in villages and communities in which GGF projects are located, especially through related ventures, such as packaging, warehousing and shipping.

“In addition to profits from this enterprise, TGMF will generate funds for local social projects in health and education,” Mr. Washington added.

Luster Products is the leading African-American owned manufacturer of premium personal care products servicing people worldwide. Today, Luster Products employs more than 400 people globally. The products are sold nationally and internationally through numerous retail outlets. In addition to the company’s main facility in Chicago, Illinois, the company also has branch offices in London and South Africa. The goal is to groom the South Africa project to become a greater and more sizable production and distribution operation on the African continent.

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