Our goal is to expand programs in areas hardest hit by poverty, hunger, and disease in West Africa. We will provide quality healthcare, clean water, child protection services, nutrition, and education. We invite you to partner with us by making a commitment that will enable us to implement the following seven initiatives:

HII Health Improvement Initiative (HII)

Establish partnerships to ensure people have access to proper medical facilities, equipment, and supplies.

B2B Back-to-Basics (B2B)

Partner with orphanages to ensure children’s basic, day-to-day needs are met (clothing, shelter, supplies).

AFS Agriculture and Food Security (AFS)

Increase access to food availability to prevent malnourishment, illness, and vulnerability.

RIA Raise International Awareness (RIA)

Lead international efforts to build awareness and to promote collaboration to alleviate disease and poverty.

OCW Operation Clean Water (OCW)

Establish partnerships to expand the implementation of water filtering and rain catchment systems to provide clean drinking water and to eliminate contamination and illnesses.

QEN Quality Education Now (QEN)

Collaborate with leaders and education advocates to ensure every child has access to books, supplies, feeding programs, and adequate facilities.

WM2 Waste Management (WM2)

Implement processes and resources for proper handling and disposal of waste materials in compliance with environmental regulations.

Our Initiatives