One of the largest government hospitals in Sierra Leone is located in the Bo Region, where Isaiah was inducted as Chief Gondobay Manga. Touring the facility with an architect, Breton Washington, and Dr. André Panossian,  Isaiah and his team were saddened by the physical and medical state of the hospital which is meant to serve nearly 2 million people in the area. The Gondobay Manga Foundation is committed to the total rehabilitation of the Bo Hospital in partnership with International Medical Corps. IMC Worldwide has rehabbed several other government hospitals and clinics in Sierra Leone since 1999. Like The Gondobay Manga Foundation, they understand that the key to such efforts is sustainability and IMC has a proven track record of training local personnel in everything from surgical techniques to equipment maintenance and the latest medication protocols. After the full rehabilitation of the facility, The Gondobay Manga Foundation looks forward to establishing the Bo Hospital as the premiere teaching and research hospital in West Africa, bringing the brightest minds to Sierra Leone and, more importantly, native Sierra Leoneans back to their homeland to combat the Brain Drain that has hampered the country.

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